a weekend to fall

oh what a marvelous weekend it’s been. and not just because california has the best herbal remedies a body could ever need…this weekend was so good that in spite of some unmarvelous happenings, i am back on the thumbs up with cali.

i spent most of the last few days in tiberon, housesitting my friend jessamyn’s parent’s house. a few small tasks – cats and fish to care for, including one cat that’s 20 years old. i am allergic to cats but really like them. this cat that’s old is named pumpkin – she sits on a hotpad all the time. there’s also a big fish named gilbert. but mostly, there’s peace and quiet and a gorgeous view of a lagoon and then the bay and the city.

friday night i was dumb homesick. i cried, i knew jen and shane were coming and snapped at them for taking too long to arrive. i thought about how superior new york was, i thought about the poor quality of california public transportation. i didn’t feel better.

but then i got to tiburon. (i will spell it a few different ways, to cover all the bases of ‘correct’.

so y’all remember the parenthesis thing?)

friday night was super laid back, saturday we watched an mtv made marathon that made me happy i was no longer in high school, then lots of folks came up for a random bbq night. somewhere in there i was sick, then got violently sick – on the floor with no control over my body as it rejected everything it could – then just felt fragile and ill for the rest of the day. i took it easy on food and drink, so it was nice to see folks, i just felt ill. not only were jen and shane here from ny mingling with the sf league women, but oliver bernard came from school. i LOVE that kid – we all agree behind his back he is the nicest most gentlemanly man we know. literally, unlecherous. its always a pleasant time when he’s there.

then this morning i woke up ready to leave the house and be in the world. we went to the farmer’s market where i got lavendar honey and soap and a hot cinammon roll, then into the city, bought some snacks, then on the way home i remembered the beach over by the the marin headlands that i did a non-retreat at (i am no longer calling work weekends in beautiful locations ‘retreats’)…so shane and i drove over, buried our hands and feet in the soft pebbled sand there, then drove up and went for a hike (Me. Hiking! Has Cali-change already begun?) till we could see both up the marin part of the coastland and the entire city – near a lighthouse. we found these world war ii bunkers, every view in every direction was spectacular and breathtaking and adventurous. and we were driving in this sweet little black jeep with the top and back off – the sun – shane was totally on point, thanks to him i was able to address my homesickness and really feel the falling in love with california thing again.


i’m still sick. but i’ve kept food on my stomach all day and now i have a soft bed to climb into. and california has a sun, a coast, its on the pacific which is my favorite body of water…yeah. ok. cali.