adrienne goes camping

I am going camping.


It is 530 in the morning on a sunday. I woke up at 3am after an hour sleep, to drive from milwaukee to chicago for a flight. I had a fabulous time in milwaukee with lots of dani chale time, dizzy chi, I love that girl!! Toki, will, biko, cj, bobby drake, jamie, will’s lovely daughter jhasmine, charity and others were in the house, we were all at the midwest social forum. I got to see the organizers of the conference working it out and speak with folks opposing the conference manifesto-style. It was interesting to hear smart people on both sides trying to do right. The process was in effect!

I had to grab all this gear, and get my brows done, and the place we went, the lady saw that I was feeling a bit skicky, icky about my skin, unglowy, and she was like you are so beautiful let me try something and made me up and I felt like a princess the rest of the night!

Now I have my sleeping bag, air pad, flash light, utensils and camping plate and cup, water bottle, hiking boots, tons of hand sanitizer, trail mix. I feel a little corny and scared and excited. Wish me luck! Me, adrienne maree, about to be CAMPing, ok people? Its all about learning to be dirty, that’s what everyone keeps telling me. I am kind of a purell addict, I heart clean. Lets rock out tho.