oh how i love it!

pre-p.s.: i’m officially 5 months into the no mojo zone! i have once again entered the arena of hugging and vertical cuddling, but am keeping it proper. this holding-self-on-a-pedestal thing is just too damn nice.

and, the early verdict is in:

i LOVE camping. i love sleeping with only a bit of mesh between me and the stars, i love the green everywhere, i love the little inchworms, fireflies, butterflies, and the birds and dogs and horses and….i love when its hot and you’re kind of dirty and i love solar-powered showers and so far, i just love camping. everyone has been so welcoming and generous, from the oldest most experienced Ruckus folks to the fellow newcomers.

i think all people, especially peoples of colors, should be extremely comfortable with this type of living, just a touch so far and its remarkably empowering, you start to feel a certain freedom in you possibilities for survival. i learned to pitch a tent, and keep it dry.

not to mention, i love having a legitimate use for hand sanitizer.

leaving was hard, but the thought of seeing one of my sisters can get me to travel from anywhere…i am in d.c. for one night only to do a speaking gig tomorrow at campus progress, i go on sometime before barack obama. me and obama, go back like fat and yo mama…

i’m excited cause my boy will, student body president of Fisk and star Milwaukee organizer, will be in the house.

right now i am kicking it with my sister april and her naughty groping roommates, all very cute and young. also feeling good cause i got to hear my mama’s voice. one should really never go too long without hearing the voices of family.

i am missing some folks right now big time! autumn, sofia, jenn, shane, janine, all my new york folks. but seeing dani-chale has warmed my heart up, i can still feel the glow.

tomorrow its back out to the woods of indiana, away from my phone and email and when i go back i’ll be doing my first climbing.

now. have i told y’all about my love/hate relationship with the man no one knows, my ‘adam lives in theory’ dude? of course you know i have one. i think any single person over like 21 yrs of age has that person who they are pretty sure if life was different would be their all-in-all. i read him like a book, i can see the need under the brilliance. i heard some rumors about him, and i hoped they were true, that he was in fact making mistakes, cause it would mean he’s finding ways to grow. he’d never let me see it.

feeling duly noted. keep it moving.

while i was away italy somehow won the world cup. busted. however, it amazed me how little it mattered in the face of meditating under a tree. am i fickle or super deep?

7 hours of sleep? for me? why yes….

goodnight loves