octavia butlerish

I am about to hop on the plane back to camp, where its been raining since I left but as of yet word is my tent has not flooded. I wanted to point out that this whole camping thing is totally in line with my sci fi survivalist side, its all very octavia butlerish. Pg. This morning I spoke at the campus progress conference, the morning was very action oriented – maria theresa from voto latino came before me, and reverend james forbes after. I made the decision to love the whole crowd but speak to those amidst the mass that might be serious about something more intense than a biz-casual future. My goal was 10 hyped youth, I got the contact info of 50. And they were moved, felt honestly communicated to. I felt like I let go of the need to make them all love me…I could love them enough to adjust my expectations. Pg. I saw billy wimsatt of the league for the first time since I started my new job. It was good to see him, I’m so unbelievably happy and the only odd thing is feeling like I should express a nostalgia I don’t have. It amazes me now to think I once couldn’t imagine life beyond the league, and now I couldn’t imagine being there. Life and god, only take you where you’re supposed to be. Its time to be in the woods for 6 days.