When Parents Organize

i’m writing this from a massage chair at my dear friends shana and abram’s house in new orleans. they are truly two of my favorite people in the world because they do things right, are funny, are just inherently on point with how to live and love. their place is wonderful, and i can see the differences now from the first time i saw it, and the neighborhood, when they were moving back in after the evacuation.

i spent the day today with the staff of the parent organizing network, very inspiring. the vision is to support parents to learn about and be active participants and evaluators of their children’s school experience – to engage the whole community in the process. we’re doing vision, roles and workplan here, which is always fun to see emerge.

on the health tip – i ate a po’boy today and then had several hours of tummy ache for overeating. it made me remember i have been doing that a lot lately, so want to start with that as an area of immediate shift. what does my body actually need, and how can i give my body what it needs at a pace that lets me know when i’m good. so i am not feeling like my belly might literally explode for about an hour after eating. that would be good. also had a bad chin day – where i saw a picture of my chin looking unfortunately non-defined. so – towards a chin and a nice feeling in my belly! onward and upward!

on the solidarity tip – nice job to obama for openly supporting the Republic Windows and Doors Workers in demanding their fair pay!!

thats all for now – i need to go be present with NOLA.