things i miss and/or missed

have talked through incident with my amazing mother, and am feeling better. the chords i have struck run deep.

now. being exposed to pop culture and news in a way i don’t get when i’m deep on the job, i have become aware of some things.

new kids on the block are making a comeback? i saw their name on some lists, but thought it was just a new hipster group using the name or something! no. its really them! i am about to dig through the basement and find my hangin’ tough video collection. this is exciting, and im also concerned that they should be new men on the block now…but it’s all good!

i really miss our dog sugarfoot, who passed away in 2004. i am not a general fan of people who go on and on about their pets, cuz its a specific kind of thing. but she was ours for 13 years, and matched perfectly to us, and meant so much to us.

bettie page was alive?

more to come…