bringing home

People wonder how I can travel so much, but I make home out of a short list of things, and have not missed anything else no matter how long im on the road…here’s the list best as I can remember of things I pack to feel home:

– a clean pillow case, pure beech brand from bed bath n beyond (softest feeling ever), washed in tides vanilla-lavender detergent. I fell in love to that scent, wish it was some natural brand but nothing smells close to as perfect as that smell.

– my scarves, some for wearing, most just to bring color to the room.

– my ouidad curly hair stuff in a travel size holder, even tho I cover my hair, cuz it makes me feel soft.

– my favorite rapper’s t-shirt to sleep in

– clothes that don’t wrinkle, and can be layered or stripped down for temperature.

– my music.

– papaya pills, motrin, and my heating pad make up the perfect portable 1st aid kit

– my alarm clock, which acts like it receives the right time from the galaxy, and doubles as a timer during facilitation

– a satchel of gifted sage and lavender

– my chargers, bless them

– pens, and a notebook

– a book to keep by the bed, even if I don’t read it

When I arrive I grab as many blankets as I can, check for eggs and whiskey, take a shower, arrange my things, and im home.

Then I sleep.