backwards jetlag

usually when i get back from the east coast, i am sleepy in the early evening, and wake up early in the morning ready to go. this time, i have been up late, sleepy for hours but not quite able to get into sleep.

i have gotten my house in order, though there’s more to do, as i have an office’s worth of stuff in the trunk that i have to find space for. anyone who has seen my home knows that finding any space here is an incredible feat – its tiny…

today i went to a spa with an old friend. she told me just before we got there that the place was kind of suspect, and when we got inside it was, best as we could tell, a sex spa. the “hot tub” was more like a really large bath with jets, the “yoga platform” was a straight up bed. but the sauna was a sauna and that was where we spent most of our time, in good conversation. i really really value the level of conversation possible with friends you’ve known for over a decade. half the words don’t even need to be said, all of the patterns are well-worn, the moments of happiness we experience are not taken lightly cause we know more about life than we did in college…

i went grocery shopping, and i only bought vegetables and fruit. i really want only that, some veggies, some fruit, and maybe some fish. i realize that i have balked at the no dairy, no red meat, no sugar, no wheat, etc etc diets…but what i WANT right now includes none of those things. except whiskey. i am me.

in other news, i started watching the L Word, from season 1. its completely entertaining.

my eyes hurt, hopefully that means sleep is near…

Author: Adrienne

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