the good things

this has been an AMAZING weekend. here’s why:

1. farmer’s market now that i am actually getting totally into vegetables. i used to just enjoy the feeling of walking through, past the vegetables to the gourmet olive oil and honey. yesterday i got rainbow chard, broccoli, asparagus, cilantro, yams, onions, carrots, beets…and my olive oil. and i came home and made a delicious green soup puree.

2. swimming. i am pushing myself harder and harder now, beyond when i feel like i might be done, with challenges to swim long enough to get lost in it and not look at the clock. swimming past my mind and into the pure experience of my body, the water, the quiet and water sounds, the resistance of the water against my movements, the completely new set of muscles worked by different strokes. its a meditation now, makes me feel so peaceful.

3. good music + singing. i got to hear valerie troutt live at the red poppy (23rd and folsom in sf) on friday night. she’s a real musician, using her voice as an instrument and a storytelling device. she’s giving a group lesson there today – i’m going. i’ve been writing songs again.

4. in fact, i’ve been getting creative in a lot of ways again, drawing, singing, writing, cooking, thinking. letting it wander. recently heard someone say that people with fast minds and dark edges who don’t work their creativity out go mad.

as anyone who has known me for any period of time knows, i am a perspectivist. the world is all going to hell, or its all conspiring in your favor and miraculous, depends on your outlook. both are true, at all times, and i am fortunate to live a life where i work against the hell we create with our fears and weaknesses. i need to do this other piece more often though, let it conspire in my favor, be miraculous and easy and wonderful.

hope you all roll back some massive rock and come back to life in whatever way you need this weekend. (that’s easter, right?)