that hot

yesterday was the hottest april 19th in oakland history at 84 degrees, breaking the record held since 1950 of 81 degrees.

its hot enough that clothes seem silly.

it’s hot enough that i maneuvered into a very awkward position and turned my pilot light off.

it’s hot enough that i took my duvet off the bed and stuffed into a closet where i can’t even see it, because even looking at it makes me feel stifled.

its hot enough that i am keeping the door open, even though that means that several low flying flies have decided to move in with me. i just look at them, wondering if their flying increases the amount of personal breeze experience they get in the otherwise still heat of the room.

i wanted to just share the heat with you in a way that wasn’t a complaint, because i am trying to move past complaining and into appreciating and stuff…

it’s so hot i have to type with my computer 5 feet away from me because it is emitting it’s own vast world of heat, so welcome in the winter, so evil in this kind of heat.

tomorrow it’s going to be even hotter. it feels so hot, and it’s not even that hot in the grand scheme of things – things like deserts.

here’s some other stuff that’s been on my mind lately, since i feel like i haven’t written in a while.

– one is a general call to vampires. i have read enough benevolent immortal women of color vampire stories now that i am kind of open to it. so – if you’re a vampire, and i know you? make me immortal.

– the tower of babel story. you know it? back in the day folks were building a tower, and it was getting too close to heaven, so god made them each speak different languages so they couldn’t coordinate to build. something like that. and i had the thought that perhaps we’re mating (loving) our way to divinity. not necessarily because there’s more interracial dating – but any way in which we find love across language, culture, across difference. if divinity is a state of being, could we get there without it being ego that drives us? could it be a new ending? is it sacrilegious to even think about this?

– i would love if i could get glasses that wrapped around the sides of my face and had a peripheral prescription. this would help with driving, especially actually being able to see my blind spot.

totally separate thing, i got to spend a lot of time around kavitha and jeff from common fire and their amazing baby samiha – love fest, and exciting visioning about the kind of communities we want to live in when we grow up. then, i had dinner with anasa, who used to be at highlander and is now working on some brilliant strategy enhancement at the movement strategy center. oh brain happiness!

sigh. this is fun, but not distracting me from the heat touching my skin so comprehensively, like an omnitactile flesh fiend. ugh. and i say that with appreciation! good night!