technology turns me on

i have never been a technophobe, never been the kind of person who argues that technology is keeping us further from each other. i definitely think it’s making us fat, lazy as organizers, and has increased the echo chamber of useless information.

but! generally, as a writer (and particularly as a fan of science fiction), i have loved technology, because it has given me the capacity to communicate in writing to intimates and strangers. it has given me the capacity to be with my nephew, sisters, parents, friends wherever they are.

and recently i have been a super fan of technology.

watching the up close footage and interviews of people’s uprisings in peru, honduras, iran – basically as they are happening;

getting to see video and images of amazing nonviolent direct actions as they are happening;

going through the michael jackson loss and memorial experience and getting to be with a global community to process it;

my sister and nephew in greece but me being able to find pictures of them and follow his process of learning to walk;

connecting with family in the south after the recent death of my great aunt annie;

and getting to see my Friend’s face on video chat as she travels through europe touring.

i love that these things are possible. on election night i felt all these portals open, people all over the globe experiencing hope and celebration. technology advances our capacity to feel an emotion in common, and technology accelerates our capacity to handle tasks which distract us from being present with each other and the planet.

how we use it to mobilize and connect is on us obviously. but lately i have been loving it, and using it go very deep, very wide.

mmmm, technology. you so fine!