living for the future, 1

the more i learn about living, and about how connected, interdependent and abundant the world is, the more exciting it is to live.i want to jot down my notes somewhere about the things i am learning…

–> learn about compost. learn how ridiculous it is to bag organic matter up in plastic trash bags that keep it from being processed and becoming new fertility in the soil. learn how all organic matter is eternal, how it just keeps shifting and changing into new matter, allow this process in your home and life.

–> think of all water as a sacred resource. all of it – drinking, shower, toilet, swimming, shipping. as my friend gopal tells his babies, “every drop of water is part of the only water we have” drink lots of water – not from bottles, but from taps, fountains, filtration systems. shower wisely, flush as little as possible (buy a little toilet paper covered trash basket for pee-pee paper). come up with a little blessing to honor the water you do use: “water, i love you; love me, and be abundant to me”.

–> shift away from eating processed food. our bodies are designed to process whole foods. when we only feed our body highly processed, unnatural foods, our ability to access that which is needed can atrophy, leading to all sorts of health problems. eat foods that are fresh, natural, in their whole state. the majority of your food, 2/3rds of it, should be fruit and vegetables. shop at markets that stock food based on what is locally in season, that is the freshest food you could eat, and food that has to travel the least distance, meaning you aren’t polluting the world to fuel your body.

–> meditate at the beginning of each day. when you start by grounding and centering yourself, and allowing your mind to clear, it helps you move through the day with intention and clarity, which is much better than reactivity. you can determine how much energy you give the world, and how much energy you put towards your vision. no matter how little you have – space, time, energy, health, support – this is a gift you can give yourself which grows the personal peace you have to gift to the world.

more to come…

now i am off to set up our Localize This! camp. it smells sweet, it tastes sweet, it’s golden and lovely.