random: i’m a futurist, and an INFP

“i am a futurist.”

i am trying this out, i have been saying it to people more. like, i think to myself that i am a philosopher and theologian and writer and facilitator and science fiction fan and an organizer and a visionary and a geek…but all of that comes together at moments into a larger thing, which is that i am a creater, predictor, pattern-watcher, midwife of the next. a futurist.

and what are the skills for tomorrow? there’s no way i could know. but i suspect there is a future i would like more than any others…and i can see which skills would be most useful to me in the future i am manifesting, and these are the ones i am developing: facilitation. truth and reconciliation. laughter. cooking. being a really good guide and companion to children.

i am actually considering how to carve some time out in my life just to think about reorienting my life and the lives of as many people as possible towards viable futures, informed by patterns of the past, by the science of the present, by collective community processes…

so that’s that. try it. adrienne maree the futurist.

this is definitely influenced by having a meeting with salina gray from stanford university today, and talking about afro-futurism, my district 9 review, her district 9 campus conversations, why youth of color need to learn science to be a part of a future that includes their success…not just existence or survival but success! i see that future. we can get there.

in OTHER news…

i took a facebook quiz, which i occasionally do as a relaxation technique which requires less commitment than meditation. here’s what it came out with:

INFP (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception)

which means:

“You are idealistic, loyal to your values and to people who are important to you. You want an external life that is congruent with your values. You are curious, quick to see possibilities, and can be a catalyst for implementing ideas. You seek to understand people and to help them fulfill their potential. You are adaptable, flexible, and accepting unless a value is threatened. Famous people with your same INFP personality include: Mary the Blessed Virgin, Hellen Keller, William Shakespeare, John F. Kennedy Jr., Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Julia Roberts.”

there are no INFPs of color i guess. whenever i have taken this test in the past i have been on the line between extrovert and introvert, and between feeling and judging. facebook makes it simpler, and as i age it is more true, i am a hermit-geek-introvert and this facebook quiz result is alarmingly accurate.

in OTHER news…

a list of readings based on our afro-futurism-science conversation today:

neuromancer, by william gibson
babel 17, samuel r. delaney
anything by octavia butler
the universe in a single atom, dalai lama

geek out! 🙂