things i apparently have a hard time letting go of:

based on what i keep finding in different corners, drawers, old purses, these are the things i apparently have a hard time letting go of:

friend’s music, regardless of quality


pens or any other sort of writing mechanism

conference name tags

items related to september 11 including publications from the days/weeks after, a shot glass with the twin towers on it, and a framed photo of my sister and i with the towers in the background

things to smoke from


fantastic purses, each with a toothbrush, nail file, tissues and quarters

gifts purchased for others including chopsticks, sake sets, tea, wallets, and postcards

matches from restaurants i love

pay stubs and receipts faded past any usefulness.

french language course dvds. merde.

canvas bags


shoes i don’t really like or feel comfortable in

images i think are beautiful. i have boxes of pictures i have cut out of magazines, pictures, art postcards

journals and paper, notebooks, construction paper, post-its, random scrap paper i have written “genius” ideas on, thank you cards

old business cards with my name on them that i have no intention of using, and the business cards of people i likely won’t follow up with.

this week i am letting 90% of these things go.

shed, shed, shed!