a long absence

wow it’s been a long break from when i last wrote to you. i was packing up my home. i was having a party on a boat. i was flying through the air several times with a jo (or “broomstick” according to TSA), i was unpacking all of my beloved things into a new beautiful home in detroit. i was in ny staring at my nephew and reading him “hush little baby” over and over while he turned the pages. i was hearing about the next niece/nephew to come. i was doing somatic work trying to break through my tendency to observe and analyze and drop into my capacity to feel. i was not sleeping, waking up in the darkness suddenly with tons of thoughts. i was fleshing out my big gay theory on how the acceptance of love between same sex partners is a worldwide consciousness-evolution that might save the world (because same sex relationships cannot result in unplanned pregnancies – which there is nothing wrong with, but which we somehow need less of to balance population growth). i was leaning deeply into despair and self-critique. i was making lots of plans and setting goals and dreaming crazy dreams. i was avoiding politics as usual. i was listening to mayer hawthorne and Fowl (detroit youth who sounds like young jay-z and makes me happy). i was making delicious dinners for beloved friends. i was walking on piers, and doing jo kata at sunset, and as recently as this morning i was letting my jaw drop as i felt two impacts hit the moon, letting my jaw drop at the hope inside the Nobel PEACE Prize given to the U.S. President this morning (for saying peace and making people believe you might actually mean it Barack this is a pre-emptive strike and I hope you come back hard)…

now i am at movement generation, learning solutions that are real. i will come back more often.