making money make change? first impression: impressed…

i just came from a conference where young people with wealth are working to transform themselves in order to change how they impact and participate in the world. its a very beautiful and brave thing, to witness this process.

i was aware over the weekend of the feeling i had when i realized my childhood was the result of the military. and what the military did, was doing, why it existed, why i grew up outside the u.s. – because we had power as a nation, and we used it to control others. but there were good intentions there, right? To help and save and protect…it was a confusing time, a time that felt like a betrayal. the relationships with my family i have now are deep and in the context of how i feel about the military, and the industrial complex surrounding the military. we all know more, we are sharing articles and having political conversations and learning together.

that experience was the closest one i had to draw on as i built relationships with people coming to terms not simply with being wealthy, but with how that money was acquired. this is deep work, another side to the work than where i normally sit…i was honored that folks let me be there and speak with them.

my next post will be the notes from my keynote!