lessons from the hospital

i’m still in the hospital in philly – the infection in my arms is receding in some places and spreading and deepening in others. no one knows yet what it is or why it is, but i don’t get to leave till its all receding.

here are some lessons thus far:

no one should have to think about money at the same time as health, or as the only path to health.

health is a systemic process. normally when i say – this is hurting me, my arm is going to explode, my whole body itches, etc…the solution i think of is totally reactive. cream, ice, lavender oil, slicing it open…but what i have learned tonight is that there are systemic approaches.

things that feel good in the short-term can increase the pain in the long-term. like scratching.

tasks that seem simple, like going to the bathroom, are actually incredibly complex. the complexity is exposed when you have to do the task with an IV. even typing this is taking three times longer than usual because of the pain and the IV.

painkillers are good. really great good.

love = bringing steak and burgers to the hospital room, sleeping in a chair next to a hospital bed, and being the point of contact for someone’s family when that someone is too doped up to speak straight.

always stay hydrated.

nurses are angelic divine miraculous people who should be celebrated and honored and paid very well.

true blood is a hospital-worthy show. makes the bloody parts of being in the hospital more entertaining.

it really helps to have an advocate when struck by a mysterious infection.

its really hard for me to do nothing.

healing takes time and is unpredictable…the only requirement is a commitment to health.

enough one handed typing this out, time for more meds and sleeping.