woke up with a poem coming out this morning. here it is:

in that other world
flowers can bloom in your mouth
we are all pollinator
the world sleeps in shadows
waits for our warm touch
and where we love her
she comes alive
bringing us everyday
a new wonder
venus flytraps, pomegranate
and horses in the sea

i have seen the
heartbeat of the desert
that vibrant shifting flesh
i have known the
pulsing of the jungle
an inward rhythmic roaring
how the growl of the belly sounds
to the eaten

in this land at this time
i only hear explosions
the clank of machines
metal, scraping
i only see hollows
and unsleeping eyes
persons clutching their chests
for the empty inside

and she who could hold us
on tips of her finger
and arch us in pleasure
and make our days linger
is packed under concrete
mined for her riches

and she cannot remember
whose love story this is.

i have started a new virtual sci-fi readers club. it has 3 members including me, and we are going to read The Dispossessed, by Ursula K Leguin. i want to reread it because the first time [mere months ago] i read my sister’s copy and didn’t mark it all up. and there’s a lot in there that rings true or raises questions for me, and i dont’t feel like a book is read until i have marked and underlined the parts i love. since i read it i have looked at all my belongings as suspect and rediscovered the parts of myself that exist beyond jealousy/ownership. to be a part of the club, just read the book and then holler at me, and ill grab the best stuff for a collective post on here.

i’ve had some super vivid flying dreams lately where i wake up disconcerted that this body doesn’t remember how to elevate even a little bit. according to three different dream interpretation websites, flying indicates a liberation, a new freedom. since dreams are supposedly unbound by reality, its hard for me to take seriously an art of dream interpretation where something translates into the same emotional experience for everyone, but i love that idea.

now here’s some wonderful free music:

Golden Age by Sonnymoon [free album download, particularly find myself grinding around the house to Houstatlantavegas]

Material Girl and Promise Me by Monica Blaire – teasers for the album that is sure to be amazing, Back to the Future.

Cold War and Tightrope, by Janelle Monae, a super quirky soulful performer who space travels to music.

And finally, Dope Muzik from Miz Korona, one of the mega-stars of the local Detroit scene, personality for days.