let it go

i am learning an immense amount about drama these days. humans can cause each other so much unnecessary stress and pain, sometimes without meaning to, sometimes because they cannot bear the lack of attention that might come along with being stress-free and drama-free.

in the many arenas of work i am engaged in now, i am very observant and appreciative of those people who prioritize getting the work done over getting a title, or to be the leader, or to win an argument. i appreciate those who have a high degree of self-awareness, are skillful at asking questions and listening, and are open to the learning we are in the midst of.

there were over 30 unique crisis, tension or drama moments in the past week, from very small to very large dramas. and i expect that number won’t drop in the coming weeks. don miguel ruiz’s four agreements come to mind again and again:

1. don’t make assumptions
2. don’t take things personally
3. be impeccable with your word
4. always do your best

when people aren’t doing their best, and aren’t being impeccable with their words…there’s actually plenty of time to make assumptions and take things personally. and where there is more of a commitment in self than in community, everything seems personal…the movie i went to see the other night, My Son My Son What Have Ye Done, had a scene where a man’s mind had broken with reality. and he was shouting – “why are the mountains looking at me!?” that level of self-absorption can become a sickness, and on a communal level we have to love people enough to be honest, and get well together. or let it go…being able to assess where to work and where to release is perhaps the most useful skill we can all develop.

it’s becoming my new motto for drama: is it fixable? no? let it go.

in other news: i got my bread stone today! inspired by my sister, i am going to bake breads in the house. with all the snow here, and all the soup i am making, i think this will be a wonderful skill to develop 🙂 wish me luck!