the incredibles

just had a moment of sweetness today as i heard that a dear friend was admitted into harvard’s school of education. another worked on a film that went to sundance this year. altogether we were a trio when we were young, inseparable and lit up and talking so much about we wanted to do and would do and were going to do, having done none of it.

and now we are all very much doing it, though thousands of miles apart with long gaps between conversations, and long histories and healings between us.

i want to run back a decade sometimes and just whisper to all of us…”it’s coming.” and run back 5 years and say, “no don’t give up just yet – it’s going to be amazing.”

this emotion was heightened by dreams last night where i had vivid experiences of loved ones from my past, knew they were well, if far away. i feel so close to those people who knew me Then and are still in my life now.

i know everyone has their people like that in their lives, the ones they dreamed with. i have so many, and i am watching the bittersweetness of life come over us – miracles and unmanageable pain and new resolutions and tiny breakthroughs that pile up allthesudden into the life we couldn’t have realized we needed…eh, hope that makes sense…we were so fucking incredible when we were younger, so unstoppable and full of so much longing. and to hear now how that is channeling into reality is exciting and grounding. none of us are alone, or really even apart from each other, even now.

in related news [related by the element of time and miracles] i found out what my coming niece’s name is going to be. not gonna whisper it here yet, but its a perfect name for her – she’s a withdrawn and graceful little one in womb. i am excited to meet her.

reach out to an old friend and let them know which part of your life you are really deeply living into.