There’s a purple flower stripped naked in the yard
She tells me spring is coming
When night comes she fans out her shade
Languishing till her point is made
She knows the song from which life is made and
I can just hear her humming

Spring penetrates from in to out
Bursts through without much notice
She doesn’t need your gasps and awe
That season was your coldest, but for her
Merely the oldest
And she’s gone before the dew has lost its focus
She wasn’t here for you no how,
She knows the words you spoke won’t stop your plucking

Her tone was mighty vulnerable
Against the grayish dregs of winter mudslides
She caught the eye of passersby
The sun itself found perk in how
She showed her softest opening – her insides
Not for you to take her
Just for you to take her in
The miracle is usually quiet, she can’t go to war with kin
When she shows you what she’s packing,
You both win, you both sin
And though you should retreat
You come again and come again.