i slipped through new york to help my sister move to minnesota – now i am babysitter/packer extraordinaire by day, grantwriter/worker by night.

my nephew knows how to say all the planets, stars, galaxy, something like ‘astronaut’, and many other words related to space (including the word space), added to saying moon all the time.

my niece is – so gorgeous. so incredibly gorgeous. she locks eyes with me and i forget time and space and it’s just making her laugh and smile.

got to spend quality time with my mom as well. my mom knows a lot about love, and always manages to offer that wisdom to everyone she meets – she always has. my friends open up to her within 5 minutes of sitting down – always have.

there’s some exciting stuff going down as i write this but i can’t tell you about it yet. keep your eyes on arizona tho.

in the meantime and all the time – get some children in your life. 🙂