ode to detroit ii

there is always some cars in my street
there is trees
there is gardens
lush life bursting up through concrete
and then those who pack heat
and then those we call heat

in my street
there is always some light in my street
there is sidewalks with halos
cast down to compete
with the last flame of fire
on faces defeated
by time, by the choices they made
in my street

there is marvelous space in my street
space to think and to dream
in my street
there is ghosts walking round with heartbeats
there is always tomorrow,
the dust of complete
and all kinds of subtle dignities
to be here still alive
life is sweet
no matter how close comes the pain
or the need
i can breath once again

in and out
i am free
i am safe in the space between
this side and that
in my street
it is sweet

it is sweet