the brands of my journey

i just realized that I am deeply branded on this journey I am about to embark on – I have been seeking the best ways to minimalize my belongings for the next three months while maximizing my style, creativity and health. I am a huge fan of things that are high quality so I don’t have to buy/own a lot of stuff, but what i have feels good, looks good, smells good, aligns with my principles, and is good to the planet.

here’s what I love so far:

1. ex-officio underwear. these feel great, are treated with some scientific stuff to resist grossness, and you can wash them in the sink and they dry in two hours so you can literally travel with 2-4 pair and be good for a long time. these are the drawers of the future.

2. trudy miller. Trudy makes zero waste convertible pieces of tight stretchy magic that can be layered or worn alone as shirts, skirts, belts, cowls, scarves, dresses or whatever else you come up with. this is my primary clothing item for the trip because I can wear her pieces every day and never have the same outfit on. William Gibson foresaw this clothing in Idoru.

3. tom’s. one pair of toms flats and a new pair of tom’s wrap boots are my primary shoes for places where sandals aren’t enough. I love their business model and the comfort of their shoes. I also got a pair of saucony sneakers for a more bright freshness look, those feel incredible for the walking I need to do to truly get lost in each city.

4. manduka. I am slowly making yoga a key spiritual and physical practice in my life, one sun salutation at a time. I know that I want to have the freedom to do yoga wherever I go, but all the mats i found were too big to travel with. a yogi friend quickly pointed me in the right direction – manduka has a full size biodegradable mat that folds into a slender square to slip into luggage. woot!

5. eagle creek – my travel towel and security belts are small, lightweight, necessary pieces that are made perfectly.

6. muji! I generally love muji items, everything is made in the spirit of brilliant, simple, small design. all my socks (recycled fabric) and writing utensils for this trip are muji. just being in the store makes me feel happy about the kind of eco-friendly minimalist design we could live in.

7. the diva cup! I don’t have to worry about buying tampons and pads around the world, I just have my diva cup which takes up almost no space and can handle everything I and the moon throw at her. I feel like a goddess during my periods because of this little cup; no woman should continue building a mountain of used tampons and pads in the world if the diva cup works for her.

I’ll keep you posted on other perfect travel things as I find them, and the folks who make them. feel free to add your favorites to this list.