average sabbatical day in kona

for the vicarious ones:

5:30-6:30 am: wake up naturally as light comes into the sky and birds get louder. lay in bed with eyes closed, reflecting on what dreams I can remember. smile that this is as late as my body wanted to sleep, again. I have learned I am a morning person for sure.

6:30-8:30 am: stretch, say morning mantras (i am powerful, centered, grounded, safe). drink as much water as I can. go brush teeth and do bathroom stuff, get back in bed and read til I’m hungry. make myself a big breakfast – some combination of eggs, black beans, lean sausage or smoked salmon, green onions, goat cheese, kale. (that’s when I am in places where I can make breakfast. at kalani it was oats, eggs and fruit. in Mexico it was eggs and tortillas.)

8:30-10 am: yoga. either a class (here in kona I’ve been going to an ocean front park for an outdoor class on wednesdays) or listening to my yoga recordings where i guide myself through the perfect yoga session for me. I’m about to rerecord them with all of the edits and adjustments, and possibly with all bob marley music underneath.

the yoga sessions with these recordings have been some of my best ever. I am moving to a new and better space with yoga, where it isn’t total torture, where I find rest and myself in some of the poses. I still curse a lot in my mind while doing classes, but with more of a sense of humor.

10 am-6pm: going to a new or familiar beach, reading, contemplating my future, reflecting on my past, singing, having sweeping explosions of emotion, writing, writing, writing, a dash of social media. seeing new friends so we can beach and snorkel together.

lunch happens in here – quinoa salad, or broccoli and sausage, or green salad with tofu, or a bunless free range local beef burger, etc. also, snacks like seaweed, cucumbers with edamame hummus, a square of dark chocolate.

I notice that amazing conversations seem to happen in the afternoon, laying on the beach.

6pm-7pm: figuring out where to watch the sunset, and watching it.

7pm: dinner time, prepping whatever is in the fridge that I didn’t have for lunch. (tonight i think i’ll make a bunless burger with sheep’s milk feta, grated beets and kalamata olives and a salad.) then reading, or watching something on Netflix, or writing, or all three.

reading always wins by the end.

8pm-11pm: making myself stop reading whatever book I am immersed in, putting all electronics out of the bedroom, doing shivasana (corpse pose) with knees elevated in bed until I feel calm and clear. reflect on the synergies and miracles and lessons of the day and smile.

then sleep deeply, getting to the work of my dreamworlds.