(soundtrack, pink matter, frank ocean and andre 3000:
I’m good at being bad
bad at being good…


if model girls are made for modeling
thick girls are made for cuddling)

hi loves.

mercury is in retrograde and this time around it has resulted in my website being marked as an attack site. I am not attacking you, I promise! however, I’m going to chill on posting (after this, obviously) til it’s cleared up, so y’all don’t have the painful experience of having to feel rejected or attacked by me.

I’d never, I promise.

upcoming are the notes from the Octavia’s Brood session at the AMC, a smorgasbord of practices for self-restoration at home, and possibly a magical tale about how the IRS stopped me from slipping and buying some ice cream today!

the main thing to know is I am really feeling grateful, and happy, and taking care of myself, and cooking amazing meals, and biking a lot, and planning to see loved ones in the next few months.

if you are reading this, I honor your dedication, even if it’s computer security foolishness. I miss you too! soon we will be free 🙂

hydrate, eat as much corn and watermelon as you can, and stretch. it’s summer!