i am a BALLE fellow!!

I am so so so excited to share that I was awarded a Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) fellowship!

I’m in a cohort of brilliant folks, including inspirational Detroit Black Community Food Security Network organizer Malik Yakini and brilliant People’s Grocery leader Nikki Henderson!

From now through 2014 I will be learning about socially responsible cooperative and commons based business models and local living economies with the intention of growing a viable food justice economy in Detroit with the Detroit Food Justice Task Force.

I am excited, and nervous – business and economy has never been an area I thought I would focus on, and yet the question of what kind of economic system will support the future I want continues to come up on every other path I walk. So I am going in.

I am excited to share my process and learning here as I go.

Read more about BALLE, the fellowship, and the Task Force!

Oh – and please engage with me around local economy – send me articles and reading and models that inspire you. 🙂