(posted this on my tumblr when my blog was down, and then realized it’s not searchable, so reposting here for myself!)

i’m doing a combination of master cleanse and raw juices. i’ve done the master cleanse before and found it very powerful, but adding the raw juices 2-3 times a day was recommended to me by a nutritionist for not just cleansing but recalibrating the body towards fruits and vegetables.

I thought I’d share the shopping list for my 10 day juice cleanse. i bought everything as locally and organically as was available to me. it was $110, though I will have to reup the greens as they are the most perishable item and I want/need them fresh.

veggies and fruits:
kale, 3 bunches
spinach, 3 large bunches
collards, 1 large bunch
parsley, 1 bunch
beets, 7 medium with greens still attached
radishes, 1 bunch with greens still attached
carrots, 6 bunches with greens attached
cucumbers, 4 large
turnip, 1 large
ginger, equivalent of 3 large pieces of root…I LOVE ginger
oranges, 1 large bag
apples, 2 medium bags
plums, 5
grapefruit, 1 bag
lemons, 2 bags (about 14 lemons)
limes, 1 bag (about 10 limes)
pineapples, 2

alvita ginger-peppermint
alvita dandelion root (I couldn’t find actual dandelion greens, will look for it when I reup greens)
triple leaf super slimming (drink at night to help body move toxins out)
triple leaf detox

coconut water, 4 large bottles
Lakewood organic pomegranate and cranberry juice blends
grade b maple syrup
cayenne pepper
sea salt (for a salt flush on days 5-6)

here’s how my schedule looks for this cleanse:
in the morning i make make master cleanse concentrate with 3 lemons, 2 tbsp maple syrup, cayenne pepper to taste and hot water. sometimes I add a tea bag to this for variety. set aside to cool.

then i make a green juice (kale or spinach, parsley, cucumber, ginger, apples, lemon or lime)

drink a mason jar full of water

mix 1/3 of master cleanse concentrate with coconut water or regular water and drink throughout the day, refilling the mix from the morning concentrate.

make a hot tea at midday, and keep drinking regular water along with mix.

in the late afternoon I make an orange juice (carrots, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, ginger) or a red juice (beets, apples, radishes, plums, pineapple) adding in bits of other things for variety, like a touch of the turnip, etc.

then return to master cleanse mix for the evening.

before bed i make a cup of the super slimming tea (i also have get regular, which also has senna in it) and drink another full jar of water.

it’s a lot of drinking, it’s really important for me to stay hydrated, and there is a real burst of energy after the juices which i counter in for scheduling yoga, jo, work meetings and social time.

in terms of waste, any part of the veggies i don’t use i freeze for future veggie broth, and the rest of it is great compost.

hope this is useful for any others out there looking to cleanse sustainably. if you have feedback or other tips, please share!