napowrimo poem 18: moments of prayer rubaiyat

write a ruba’i. AABA. multiple stanzas makes it a rubaiyat.

we are not the graced or winged ones
our bare bodies cannot seek the sun
i offer up a twisted prayer
mere passenger til flight is done

my city stagnates on a broken conveyor
hands over mouths of the earnest taxpayers
i offer up a please oh please
as lover, healer, stranger, soothsayer

these babies bring me to my knees
keep me from rooting beyond the sea
i know, i know that god is change
still, keep what is precious safe for me

i’ve never known a love so strange
he finds me out on a sacred range
he tells me how he tells god my heart
in our ancient ancestral exchange

i peer deeper into my human parts
waiting for the call to start
terror, tears, laughter, doubt
and i wake up again inside my art