napowrimo poem 29: it is our time to turn

prompt: use “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” all in one poem.

chameleon in my garden
i watch your skin go soft
as you change again
the world around you shifts

your scent to me
is that released sunlight
of an eastern forest at equinox

let us go out in the world
there’s rain out there
drumming new rhythms into that space
between our lips

and windows blur
and concrete slicks beneath us
and at the door
i notice
this spring smells
exactly like a place i have recently kissed
let us not go
give me your mouth again

some say in Detroit
a blade of grass is a weapon
you came through a hard winter
armed with awe and heat
til her weapons were quiet
in the gorgeous hush of transition

you were a storm cloud
magicked to life inside these doors
i was a million dust motes

you bring a message from the divine
i am learning to comprehend
sacred text

you are a state of unknowable bliss
the goddess has kissed
all of your flesh

wherever you rest, the trees whisper
coucher avec la déesse
mon petit djéli, embrasses-moi

you will be
the blush of dawn
after the brick is gone
you will be
the liberated zone
my heart retreats to


now. against this golden world
go verdant
the sun is standing still
it is our time to turn