principles of obsidian, a new world (10/30)

write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet.

when other people came to the planet that queens aya and e— had discovered, there was a need to name it, and to name the ways of the place. e— chose the name obsidian, both because that’s how the planet appeared when approached on its night side, and because she wanted to glorify blackness at every location in the creation of the new world. aya thought it sounded pretty and increased the chance of dragons coming, though she couldn’t explain why.

together they developed principles for the newcomers, which have of course shifted over the years. these are found original carvings on the trees along the central xyst, further expanded from e—‘s teaching memories.


(there is an) abundance beyond capital (that) deepens evolution

(there is a rush of) freedom (that) generates (fullness of the) heart

(when we are) interdependent (our) justice (is) kinetic

love (is a no more or less than a miraculous) mirror neuron

orgasmic pleasure quickens revolution

quiet (reflection cultivates and) releases self-wonder

(the dynamic practice of) totality (allows us to truly) understand variance (in ourselves and the galaxies)

(we must often) wander (the) xysts (to feel it all, and return to) zen