I know enough

I know enough
About the night sky
To sometimes say
There is Cassiopeia
There are the Pleiades
There is Orion’s long sword
I am home

As I get old
Do I feel safe in the darkness
In the wild
Under that incomprehensible sky
Full of nothing and every single thing
Past present future
And all that I am
And all I’ll ever be
Only with time
Do I exhale

Stars burn gorgeous
And then burn out
But I still see the beauty
Across time

Rocks fall brightly
Through the pores of earth’s skin
Breathtaking moments
Utterly destructive
But I can’t look away

This is where I come from
This complex world
These are my contradictions

I am nothing
And everything
I am here
And gone
I am so insignificant
But I feel so much

And I know enough
And I know nothing
And then
I look up

– stars over Wisconsin