go towards life

i am not saying to ignore the hard things. but lean towards, move towards, life.

life comes in many shapes and forms. vigorous body movement, being enthralled in the fantastical and shamelessly needy realm of children, truly dancing, falling in love, appreciating the current season, engaging in meaningful difference. a necessary limitation. an unexpected liberation. there is plenty of nothingness and no shortage of soul sucking pasttimes. never forget it is Your miracle and you have the only real possession: agency over your attention.

be intrigued and engaged, relinquish obligation.

be growing, strain the stagnant energy from your life. there is nothing to apologize for, not in a process of liberation.

at the end of all liberatory processes is more life, are more questions. oh be grateful, to be self aware and responsible for cultivating beauty and goodness every day.

be the green bursting from cut wood, finding life in the air.

be the flight after the stun, recovered and wondrous and newly worshipful of home.

be life moving towards life.

breathe out to breathe in.

become the promise you made yourself long ago.