in detroit (love poem)

in detroit
people sit in their cars for private flirtations
argue on the balcony
its so much space but still
such a small town
such a mystery

in detroit
all my plants die
waiting for my whispers
i toss meat out my window
to the dog who lives next door
he rang my doorbell today but dashed off when I answered
skittish, brave

in detroit
the summer evenings are a heaven
the sky spectacular
oceanic over the grown up lawns
cool stippling flesh
black laughter has plenty of room here
quieter than suffering
but as constant too

in detroit
its all stories
its about getting to tomorrow
and seeing under the veil
you can’t paint this city
anything but black
and brown and sacred
its the soil

in detroit
there is a magic
it floats just over the pavement
lacing our calves purring
nothing ever looks like we thought it would
and everything feels softer than outsiders could imagine
we hustle and seed and explode
you can’t look away