finn is 8

some snapshots of this child i LOVE.

siobhán: i wish we could have a family reunion.
finn: you mean like with the whole family?
siobhán: yeah!
finn: since the beginning of time?
siobhán: yes!!
finn: then that includes our dinosaur ancestors!!


grandmama: happy birthday finn!
finn: it’s not just the anniversary of my birth.
grandmama: no?
finn: it’s also the day i brought the carnivores to the green trench.

(and later)

finn: none of my classmates believe me, but i was adopted by dinosaurs long long ago.

(for the record, i believe this is as true as it can be)


finn, at dinner: since the last time you visited me i discovered i’m nonbinary.

me (practicing non attachment, acting cool): awesome. so what should i say – he, she, they?

finn: he. and she. but i can’t use the girls’ bathroom at school cause they have gender segregation. so silly.

(none of the adults around finn remember this phrase being used before)


finn, upon opening the ninjago temple of airjitsu lego set:

oh my god i ALWAYS wanted this since i first heard about it!!!

(maybe two months ago?)


finn recently returned from an epic road trip out west. at his birthday party, he announced: the lego set says ages 14+, but i won’t be here when i am 14 because we are moving to california.

the adults all looked at each other in surprise at this unveiled new future.


i love this child who speaks in declarations, who obsesses over games, who deeply loves her sisters and is in touch with his inner dinosaur.

happy birthday finn!!