election day eve spell

tomorrow we make history
like we did yesterday
and the day before
bending the rigid
rejecting the violence
healing the broken
breaking the silence
marching towards our children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s child
heads held high, eyes bright
ridiculously still believing
we are better than this moment
laughing at our own righteousness
teasing each other for even whispering hope

but still

giving our whole hearts to the future
today we are the most important actors
tomorrow we roll a million die into the mystery
and after that others will continue the work
every four years
perhaps for a million years
or maybe we will change
even the structure of time

if we are honest with our actions
if we are true to what we believe most deeply
we cannot fail
we cannot lose
we can only be exactly what we are
and make more room for
that which we still need to learn

i will not deny the truth of it
that everything living deserves better than today
that is the thing we can all see now
naked at noon on a clear day
unarmed and unapologetically underwhelmed

and that is our work
to make history by making the future
better than yesterday, than today
better than tomorrow

look up
higher, higher, further, further
tomorrow we shape god