one liners for the full moon

a. one liners and
b. conclusions

a. if i can’t feel what you love, i don’t care what you hate.

b. let love lead, and let it show. realize that ‘hate’ is another way of saying ‘lost’.


a. if i can’t see what you are creating, i’m not interested in watching you destroy.

b. creating is the hardest work.
creating when you could destroy is a sign of maturity at any age.
without the creative thrust, destruction is jealousy, grudge or bitterness in action, immaturity unleashed.
the creative only destroys in order make new, to repurpose what is into what will be, or when the new is bursting out of the old.
focus on creating.


a. we must practice turning away from the destroyers.

b. if our mouths water at each other’s destruction, we are becoming cannibals. human flesh makes humans sick. imagine what consuming human dignity, joy, freedom and spirit does.


a. if you tell a story without the mess and failures, the iterations, i don’t trust the success and lessons.

b. you are nothing pure except human. neither/so am i.


a. if you hide your mistakes, you’ll never be known.

b. perfection is impossible. projecting perfection is impossibly lonely.


a. everyone makes mistakes – what matters are the steps you take to learn the lessons.

b. be humble/d, laugh, own your shit, stay in your dignity, make new mistakes.


a. don’t come for healing under the cloak of love…bring healing in the light of love.

b. be honest: you need love, and the only way to get to it is to love.


a. don’t be a love tap, be a love river.

b. stingy love leaves scars. flow towards me, or flow away.


a. you are not in control, you are in collaboration.

b. release your plans, but not your responsibility. shape change, your fingerprints are on the future.


a. you are the only one who will ever get to love yourself from the inside out.

b. be especially generous with loving the parts of yourself no one else knows.


a. we must remember ourselves, remember our original shapes before all the wounds distorted our divinity.

b. we are the cells of god.