questions while watching Wild, Wild Country


does this mean i need to reassess my entire tarot practice, since i began with Osho?*

what do these people believe in?

why is sexual satisfaction so scary to people who are officially committed to procreation?

can a small town be racist and also have a point (no flood-of-people-dressed-in-one-color feels like it would just be chill)?

is sheela my hero, and the most competent secretary in history?

is sheela evil??

could sheela exist without bhagwan?

did sheela & bhagwan just put capitalism behind all the things we believe in?

is capitalism what killed this experiment? or is it worshipfulness? or…?

wait, he’s bill clintoning her?

wait, there’s a price on Assata’s head but this pleasant Australian killer lady just out here?**

oooh is this a tale of a bad breakup?

he came out of silence to beef? #sacredpettiness! #pettyguru!

how do we resist/avoid the conditions that create bhagwan? wait, for real where did he begin?***

how do we cultivate loyalty to each other and ideas without the groupthink follower energy of a cult?

is sheela the rib of bhagwan? the root? the container? enabler? mirror? the cold heart? or…?

ok…but is it still possible to have a diverse sexy stylish wild free love back to the earth commune? or is it like fundamentally a jurassic park level dangerous idea no matter what?

* that deck is fire though
** brought to my attention by Janine
*** i need a prequel