“kindness eases change” for real

dear aliens-unseen-and/or-beyondhumans-and-spirits/gods/deities-and-other-benevolent-entities-aware-of-this-planet,

it’s probably selfish to ask for your help. you may only know my planet from its space garbage or psychic toxicity. nonetheless, today would be a good day for some advice or intervention.

this morning i witnessed a white man screaming at a black man in detroit. i was preparing to give a brief talk, so i finished it with Octavia’s words, “kindness eases change”…how did she know this? and how do we practice this with those who are not practicing?

i was born in the US and in my lifetime it has not much improved as an experiment in coexistence. mostly it’s been this same type of black and white interaction, with different clothing on. there’s a constant turning away from each other, competing against each other, harming each other for complex reasons and then not growing beyond the harm.

our planet is gorgeous and fecund, but my species is swallowing everything with greed based consumption practices and crowding the biodiversity out of existence. and then we try and come together, sometimes the pressures of the world push us down until we explode.

i am thinking a lot about what kind of freedom is available for sentient beings, and, in a separate but connected part of me, wondering if sapience always has to move us away from freedom because something about being able to think leads to control behaviors. almost everyone i hear talking about freedom is simultaneously proposing an alternative system of control. perhaps we have strayed too far from freedom in our evolution, and it will take many generations to remember how to be wild.

how long is long enough? how long is too long? are we on time?

i’m sending this message to you through many minds, because my comrades and i do not have access to the space range communication devices on our planet. or confirmation of most things we would need to know to send this message to you, such as your existence. still, i write this, and others will read it and it will become a small part of collective consciousness. and i suspect that any species more evolved than us will have the capacity to know what the collective consciousness knows.

how do we get through this? how do we keep going when it’s really very hard and overwhelming?

there are many ways to look at history, one way is as a scroll of suffering. i wouldn’t want to live at a time before this, even though it’s all going to shit right now. perhaps it is my limited imagination, or my ego, which thinks i am more free than my ancestors were, more connected.

i am tired of the story of suffering, of being defined and sorted and gathered and deepened by shared suffering.

i am many kinds of people, and i want us all to get a cosmic, psychic, material break. i think we need a breath in between all the cancer and breakdowns and trauma and bad leadership and kidnapped children and racism and hatred.

i will speak for me, i need a break.

so how do we generate boundaries that don’t become borders? how do find the balance between the self and the collective – how do we learn how full our cups should be in order to have enough to share without getting empty, without constant spilling?

all i’m really saying is we’re tired, i’m tired and i often feel like that’s not allowed. but it’s for the whole species, i’m tired like a velociraptor.

how do we be tired and stagger ourselves and get humble and make our small offers valiantly and with joy? how do we grieve without losing sight of life?

how do we become a species worth keeping?

all answers welcome…i’m sure you aliens-unseen-and/or-beyondhumans-and-spirits/gods/deities-and-other-benevolent-entities-aware-of-this-planet will channel it back through human mouths and fingers and i am open to it, i need it.


Author: Adrienne

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your uprising against the forces of darkness has got to do more than say "no." A fierce, primal yes should be at the heart of your crusade. (rob brezny, long ago)

8 thoughts on ““kindness eases change” for real”

  1. I’m not sure what I am here to offer.

    A bit self-conscious that it may sound a bit cognitive. Because maybe this isn’t the place you are necessarily wanting to have a public conversation.

    And hmm… I feel like you already know this too… anyways, here it goes

    My ancestors also tell me that kindness eases change.

    And maybe even that ease in change is kindness.

    Maybe they are aliens. In fact, that’s likely haha.

    All this to say: I trust Aiki (??).

    I’ve been shown it that it is real. And the capacity to express it in the world is always present in our bodies, deeply embedded within our nervous system and physical structure.

    I am 95% sure you already know this but maybe, just maybe, it will serve as some kind of reminder.

    Always humbled by your work.

    Take care and stay resilient,

  2. And just to be sure, I understand that I’m not an expert of this thing you/we’re grappling with. I hope it doesn’t come through that way because typing can be clumsy!

    But in your call for aliens-unseen-and/or-beyondhumans-and-spirits/gods/deities-and-other-benevolent-entities-aware-of-this-planet to speak, I just felt something from that magick place that wanted to be offered – knowing that you’re sovereign whether what I am offering resonates with you.

    Any ways, gratitudes for your work and radical vulnerability!

  3. Yes! When? Thank you for your words and your podcast and for your voice. You bring me hope! Love your questions!! Yes!! Boundaries not borders. And how… how do we come into being a species worth keeping? Love to you!!

  4. Thank you, Adrienne. This is well-said. As humans we have so much to learn about actual kindness. I am concerned about cancel culture, about internecine aggressions and the lateral cruelty within our movements. That hurts more than what the oppressor continuously spews. It is more frightening. For example, I don’t rest assured that we as a collective can stand together to vote in a Dem instead of a Repub, if those are the choices. I know younger folks who want to burn it all down. But that comes with babies in cages being abused. That comes with starving elders, alone. That comes with the cascade of pure mendacity that we witness on the daily. That comes with so much evil, I don’t think they understand. I feel that we are raised in this country to be very selfish & self centered, and as NOT A WOLF wrote: (paraphrase) They like to keep us locked in competition so that we don’t imagine the taste of our master’s bones. A lot of people talk a lot of stuff on the internet. But I always wonder: where is the love?

  5. Oh and since it looks like these messages my be moderated by you… Hi Adrienne! Little Mary Bachita here from back in NYC days. 😉

    Sending love to you! and I have an offer… last minute underground special..

    I have writer’s/rest/whatever nest for you (and/or another close comrade). My humble casa in close-in in SE Portland is vacant the rest of July and most of August while I’m out doing thesis research and somatic trauma education program (the experienced based brain – early developmental work). I have a 1 bedroom in the heart of Ladd’s addition, look at a map its amazing geometry of rose gardens and tree tunnels. Courtyard for writing, desk, leather couch with recliners and chairs with computer trays. Just enticing that I think it would be good for writing or chilllaxing.

    Also there is likely an extra room in an airbnb on cape cod with a college of mine next week during Meg Wheatley’s daily morning class at the Cape Cod Insitute. I know its soon and unlikely but I thought I’d try just in case a change of scenery might be a the kind of ‘break’ you could use. I have Alaska airlines and Southwest points I’m willing to throw in a ticket if that makes the offers easier to use.

    I haven’t been involved in the social justice movement work so much as I have delved into a different but still passionately transportive health and healing work. I’d like to use some of the resources I have at hand to support your work and/or aid comrades like yourself take a little rest and retreat to recharge or create what is needed.

    Holler for follow-up. 503-484-4347. Mary

  6. Here we are together watching our vision of the bright future dissolving, and it’s terrifying. How do we find the warrior selves that take the grief, the brokenness and allow it it make us anew? What choice do we have but to keep faith that if we don’t allow hell to defeat us, but to break us open, and burn off all that is hindering us? Here’s a quote I read from a poem that inspired the Dark Mountain Manifesto
    “… I would burn my right hand in a slow fire To change the future … I should do foolishly. The beauty of modern Man is not in the persons but in the Disastrous rhythm, the heavy and mobile masses, the dance of the Dream-led masses down the dark mountain.” Robinson Jeffers, 1935

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