palestine and the dogs

please tell them

what’s happening in palestine




in palestine


i don’t know

and i know i should

and i also do know

i always know

i can quickly see that israel has attacked jenin

i can see it is on fire


please tell everyone

no fireworks tonight – the dogs 


no fireworks 


the quaking dogs


i can’t stop

the rolling explosions

for hours

you’ll think we are at war

you don’t even know about palestine

but you know the terror


please wear a mask

we want to come too 


we want 

to be in the room

we want to come too


in each airport

thousands roll past me

the only mask in sight 

on my weary face

i wonder if they can wear masks

in palestine


my friend died

and then another, and another


each one

was a firework 

in the galactic darkness


under my mask

i whisper their names

one of them left behind a dog

now she’s biting everyone 

and are there cowering dogs in palestine

grieving with their teeth