out/in dreams


out: the limitations of the past justifying the destruction of the future

in: the wisdom of the past applied towards the possibility of the future


out: colonization, capitalism, casteism and the trickle down trauma of supremacy projects trying to begin/continue/expand

in: decolonization, as in finding healthy, just relationships amongst all that lives, between all who honor the land as our sacred shared home


out: complacency (it is what is)

in: resistance and people power (it is what we make it)



out: billionaires, monopolies and superpowers

in: collectives, cooperatives and shared power


out: presidents, politicians and corrupt courts with voting cycle based thinking

in: councils and elder-youth circles with seven generation based thinking


out: pontification, policing, advocating for the devil and pettiness presented as intellectual engagement

in: practicing the world we want to live in with such rigor that we become an irresistible invitation to a liberated future                                                  


out: living in other people’s stories of our lives, whether they degrade, demonize, disappear, manipulate or pedestal our miraculous existence

in: feeling and practicing our way to collective freedom from within our own fractal experiences – realizing each story has a holy thread running through it                                           


out: trying to fit into predetermined paths and structures of success (from love to business) which reinforce the status quo

in: form following the function of freedom – when, where, why and how do you feel the most freedom with the most people? who you with? what you doing? we have never been there! grow that path                      


out: hate, fear, resentment, obligation, subjugation, isolation, binging/hoarding, and punishment as motivation in any relationship, personal to global

in: love, trust, releasing what isn’t ours, authenticity, sovereignty, community with healthy boundaries, enough/satisfaction and consequences as loving corrections both internal and intercommunal

fractal interdependence                 


out: the fake fantastic

in: the miraculous mundane