burn bright

you keep saying

to clarify

to appease the masses

oh this is war

we don’t want genocide

and if this is merely war

it is also beneath us


we have noticed

grief ignores scale

war is terrorism


the dragon behind the rooster’s crow

the black hole hunger of death

the one way mirror


your rebuttal 

defense of the tantrum

fresh mythologies 

cultish rhythms

detonations of mind

the rubble without

the rubble within


we are demanding

unhang the children from the wall

recompose the infants

fill the grandparents arms

give what you would have

give what you dream

give what you need


we are demanding 

the age of colonization ended

the wreck of capitalism ended

the stench of militarism ended

surrender all your vengeance

your guilt and your blame

our altar can hold it


we are demanding

an age of just peace 

an era of repair

a future of solution

sweet beloveds, feel within

we are the stars orbiting existence

even you, even you


burn bright, burn bright

turn your heart towards the light



it is you

it is you

it is not too late for you