leap into a world where 


we talk about october 6 and jim crow 

and reservation depression and soweto and prisons in one done breath

our impossible past


displacement is criminalized

repair is a collective priority 

our reparations plant heirloom gardens 

in ancestral wounds


leap into a world where 


leadership, celebrity, even worship 

are granted with orgasmic delight

based purely on how much you care

and listen, and give 


the guns were all melted down

made into shovels, hoes, picks

doorknobs, keys, foundations

crown jewelry of life


leap into a world where 


the magnetic force of earth adapted

now bombs only ever fall upwards

back into the planes and drones that drop

them, instantly obsolete


death comes naturally

distance calms dissonance

children each get one whole childhood

and we all make the magic


leap into a world where 

the earth sings to each of us

and we daily fall under her spell

enthralled by her abundance

naked as she is in the sun


to be black is to be free as everyone else

to be palestinian is to be home like everyone else

to be human is to be connected to everyone else

to be you is to be safe with anyone else