prayers for palestine, may 19

harriet tubman had a dream of her people’s freedom, and she said it, “my people are free” – not will be, not i hope someone frees us, not my strategic plan will result in, not should be.

my people are free.

there was no sign around her that freedom was possible, they were generations into slavery being normalized. but she dreamed it and woke up to go and get it. with her disabilities, and sometimes alone, and sometimes making others uncomfortable, and sometimes with a shotgun on the back of those who were scared to cross the threshold, even though hell was behind them.

harriet’s dream flowed thru her system, becoming courage, becoming innovation, helping her pick the right light from a plethora of options in the sky, transforming her rage and grief and fear into fuel that could power her freedom ride.

she taught us how to BE free, regardless of how others delude themselves into oppressive and superior behavior. the oppressor (without and within) goes against god and spirit, binding their souls to the unnatural work of harming their own species and killing for no reason, teaching their children to kill with glee, to destroy aid for hungry people. we must be so free that we are invitation to all our comrades, our families, our communities, and also all who would attempt to oppress us. 

in the spirit of harriet, we sing palestine’s freedom, understanding it is bound to our own.

Palestine is free

Palestine is free already

Palestine is free

Palestine is free already

I can see it

I can see it in your eyes

Can you see you it

Can you see it in my eyes


Palestine is free