Octavia E. Butler Tarot Deck

Octavia E. Butler Tarot Deck

Forthcoming from AK Press

Posted @popcasea : A few years ago, I had a dream about an Octavia E. Butler tarot deck. I excitedly texted adrienne maree brown the following day. I asked them if they wanted to help me birth this into reality. She said yes and then brought in the brilliant Alta Starr! And thus began the journey to bring to you all THE Octavia E. Butler Tarot Deck. We started to bring in artists, an herbalist, and akpress to make this dream real!

The art is now complete, the design is almost there, and the writing is in the final editing stage. And we would like to present to you a sneak peek!

This deck is for tarot lovers, newbies, and skeptics, Octavia E. Butler fans and sci-fi enthusiasts, artists and art fans, Black people, all people, aliens, and everyone in between.


AK Press

Coming in 2023