revolution eyes/we are miracles [end of black august]

i am grateful for this month of practice, which has included writing these haikus, sending letters to people serving time, publicly taking space as someone who uses marijuana regularly – an action for which many people are unnecessarily serving time, and spending less time online and more time creating for longer term projects.

i have also continued wearing the black band, which comforts me. black every day all year. <3 we love our children but we do not leave them earth such a selfish love ---- we love our children/ but we do not leave them earth/ such a selfish love/ . we love our comrades/ but we do not take up arms/ we just say their names/ . we love each other/ but we eat each other's breath/ ask questions later/ . we love to transform/ but we give to it no time/ settling for some change/ . revolution eyes/ see gaping mouths, reform-ful/ all those empty guts •••••• we are miracles/ we begin made up of need / vulnerable light/ . we are miracles/ we reach up saying hold me/ we ask for loving/ . we are miracles/ we are tucked into nighttimes/ we are bright hot days/ . we are miracles/ the abundance of shadow/ we make the world whole/ ••••• i am not afraid/ of what i came here to do/ i'm made of stardust/ . we are not afraid/ of what we're called now to do/ we're all made of god

black august 2016 week 1 poems

you like me quiet
you like me caged or buried
you like submission
you like me waiting
you like me demanding more
you like ownership
you like me dancing
you like me begging, pleading
you like all my need
i promise one thing
the time is coming, is here
when you won’t like me

i see the future
centered and noncompliant
we can walk through walls

i see the future
we are not above our fear
we weaponize it

i see the future
the babies are sassy, wild
freedom protected

i see the future
in each of your black faces
whispering our dreams

i see the future
all of us in our wholeness

home is a love song
spun between bodies and breath
catching only good

dragon’s blood burning
sweat in the dark of our dance
we get down to heal

gratitude moves us
into the ocean of yes
that loosens our bones

we, now, are enough
to open portals and touch
the divine, the whole

notice who grows you
who will not settle for less
than your everything

follow her slinking
follow him grinding and popping
harriet and preacher

follow her moonwards
follow him out past your skin
tubman and prophet

taste our resilience
the salt on our cheeks unhushed
we deserve grief time
armed And protected
our backs sourcing our advance
we spread over earth
secrets in kitchens
blueprints and freedom dances
‘i love being black’
sangin and smokin
we make up new rituals
beyond the moonlight

mike brown, our lost child
we met you as a body
we would grow to love
down here in the dirt
you left us changed by our grief
precious and lost child
in ancestral realms
we nourish with attention
put life on your name
down here in the dirt
we learning black love, learning
resistance magic

i just want to say
black august is nourishing
lets sing all the time








come on home to me

come on home to me
black warriors, hard edges
learn soft from my thighs

there’s no drama here
you can leave it at my door
i will wait for you

i kiss your forehead
eye eye nose lips ears and throat
blessing your senses

i’ll wipe down the blood
i’ll whisper your name all night
you’ll wake up yourself

come on home to me
we are two shades of healer
it’s my turn to fight

– #blackaugust #blackaugust575


my #blackaugust575 haikus

This was my third year participating in Black August 5-7-5, a black liberation spiritual practice month. Here’s what I created:

Aug 2

Sun all up and close
Warm your broken heart on us
We are all black love

Moon when night has come
Let the violent tide roll out
We reflect all life


Aug 6

Took my black out wild
Set her free on the mountain
She won’t stop howling

Bare black and cold sea
Before and after scorched sun
She can’t stop howling

Rode waves and forgot
To be cautious or withheld
She howls with laughter

The universe knows
My name, my gifts, my shadows
She has been calling

I’m naked, again
Beginning it all, again
First: my life matters

Then: our lives matter
Our failure and forgiveness
Opens the future

Then: our time matters
Go wilder, go in on joy
Massive black love joy

– #blackaugust575
From British Columbia


Aug 7

We grieve babies
Braid their names into our hair
Sing them new stories

Memories don’t sleep
We tell our grief to the moon
She gives us ocean


Aug 8

Always Anyanwu
Telling Doro ‘be gentle
You’re killing your heart’

We swallow the years
We learn to heal from within
Our children will win


Aug 9

We wish you were here
We wish you were a stranger
August always child

We love you so much
We remember your story
We send you on home

– for Mike Brown


Aug 12

Arrested black girl
Head high, hands high, deep center
Walks with dignity

– for Ferguson


Aug 13

Sitting in silence
And then sun salutations
Now I am ready


Aug 14

Stand in the circle
Let your dignity shine bright
You have that blackness

Stand in the circle
Cast yourself wide as ocean
You of these people

Stand in the circle
Place yourself in the lineage
You are right on time

Stand in the circle
Tell me what you came to do
With your black body

Now move, change, center
Change change change change change change change
With brilliant blackness

– towards a Black Somatics
#blackaugust575 #blacklivesmatter #blackbodiesmatter


Aug 16

Now Julian Bond
Becoming ancestor now
Get that deep rest now


Aug 18

Black love remembers
Outside of this time and place
Our miracle selves


Aug 21

Black girls in the woods
Naked again in daylight
Sun and tree love us

That hippy ass shit
Will get us all the way free
The berries are sweet

Don’t forget the earth
When you have a prayer to lift
Press all the way down

Don’t forget your skin
When you have to carry dreams
Cast them into black


Aug 29

Swamp heat knows our names
Trees remember our black weight
The water our taste


Aug 29

Let go with the moon
She moves oceans, she’ll move you
She’ll lift your burden