webs from my palms

today i had good meetings. this isn’t always the case, although i daresay i enjoy most of the meetings i am in, because i surround myself by effective people who don’t like to waste time or be bogged down in repeat convos and the like.

but today i met with someone on ruckus staff who felt blessed to work here, and was just feeling excited that in this moment when we could be panicking, we’re instead being non-conformist, living our dreams, loving our network and doing more and better work than ever.

then i met with a big thinker and mover of resources, talking about the work of the us social forum and international climate movement and where direct action fits into the bigger picture. was reminding said thinker that especially in times of empty pockets, direct action can be the most effective low-budget people powered strategy. if done with a long-term strategic lens, it can shift local, state, federal policy; and more importantly, advance the cultural understanding of a needed change. ie, making green cool.

then i met with this woman who does cool technology organizing and she was talking so tangibly about the work they are doing, and was excited to hear about our recent organizational shifts and the recent victories we’ve experienced.

it was like walking up a feeling of goodness and alignment with my work. also had that flying feeling i experience watching spiderman movies, like all of these conversations are webs from my palms and i am learning to spin my web towards my destination with more and more accuracy.

i stopped by forest books on 16th near valencia and grabbed Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers, because i want to have more of those ideas within reach of my current brain, and a Le Guin book, and a new-to-me Philip Dick book. the bookstore keeps paper sales ledgers, which just made me feel nostalgia for books, paper, handwriting.

tomorrow i begin the second session of somatics and social justice work. am excited to see the people again, and think more about the big work of healing (the movement, our species, myself).


my muffin top is all that
whole grain, low fat
i know you want a piece of that
but i just wanna dance

this song, from 30 rock, is so unbelievably caught in my head that i keep finding myself doing little dances for the fake camera that follows me around (everyone has that, yes?). appalling.

i got an immense amount of work done today.

my friend han is doing some fresh work against big bad shell oil, who sponsor jazzfest. he’s looking for NOLA-based organizers and other folks heading that way to do some fun and easy work against Shell Oil starting tomorrow at JazzFest.

i wish i was going…my first jazzfest was spent in a wonderful state, in the gospel tent, watching the tambourine lady. she’s the 11th wonder of the world.

today was a big media day – did interviews about environmental direct action and the homeland security report. there’s no nice way to say certain things, but hopefully i was honest in the right ways!

now i should get some sleep – nephew weekend is FINALLY here, and i am totally ready to go and gaga out this weekend. still praying and lighting candles for my aunt annie, the news is that she is hanging in and doing great.

oh – oakland united! is tomorrow! 5:30 pm at Oasis on 12th and Madison! if you haven’t been, or been recently, roll through. things are even more fun now that we are allowed to bartend or bring in friend bartenders – this time it’s joy, and she is truly a great bartender.

btw, i’m still trucking on the L Word path – i miss Dana! this happened when I was watching 6 Feet Under way after everyone else too, wanting to process the show with folks but i’m years too late. whatever, pop culture. who can keep up?

much more interesting than any television show on today is any page from any william gibson book ever written. i am taking a new one (pattern recognition), unopened, on the plane tomorrow, and my anticipation level is awkward to navigate.

its possible that i am delirious. right now. that sleepy! do you like when i’m vulnerable? goodnight all my lovely little voyeurs!