Transformative Justice Strategic Reader

This reader was created in 2012 by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Jenna Peters-Goldman, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and myself. It has been redesigned and we wanted to share it 🙂 – please print it, share it, use it!

fly hot sci fi nerds

Transformative Justice Strategic Science Justice Reader

that new world

Who you gonna build that new world with
The pain of it, of letting go
Of holding the future for moments
Then dropping back into
The steel cages
The proper ways to be in
Capitalism, whatever you call it

Your family suffers through all your dreaming
Loving you
And at peace in the darkness
Something akin to faith
Can also keep you going

But you, spoiled
Have glimpsed something immense
Knowing about it
Threatens to break your mortal heart
The world where it is
It all is, that loving living place
Where you belong,
And nothing, nothing belongs
In any way, to any one

You have tasted that freedom
Of being present without attachment
The rich dark place
Of different kinds of love
All true, all whole

Now, it is theory
For the few from now
You’d like to be with then
Your sacred hoard
Your grand familia
Your deepest laughter
Your sweetest day

And who you gonna build that future with

The intimate stranger
Who may give you everything
Except your joy?

Or the heavy stones
Who make you grieve and truly smile
Trying to lift them
As they cling with both hands
To the farthest shore

i’m lucky

i just came out three non-stop days of meetings. and it was the smoothest meeting so far in the us social forum process. we’re over some hump and snowballing into summer success. i think. and we will make some major mistakes – absolutely for sure. but we will make them with style and grace and growth.

i’ve been swimming daily.

i’m in love. and it’s work, and it’s getting better all the time.

ruckus is the shit. in a very humbling way, i just have to feel significantly better when ruckus is in the room because our network is just skilled in very tangible things. sharon, my coworker and a future co-director of ruckus, showed up in detroit and jumped into actions and she is so fresh y’all. it’s a blessing to feel this good about my work.

the city i live in has hard, heartbreaking work to pour myself into. and i don’t know how to walk around with my heart broken…i only know how to love at this point. i’ll give that love to the D – and i hope to be well-used.

“The pitcher yearns for water to carry/The person for work that is real.” Marge Piercy , “To Be of Use.”

and – there’s a show on hulu called Glee. i put it on when i am taking things too seriously and it reminds me i am just a show choir nerd dressed up like a revolutionary.

love you ALL and hope you do something bold and then let it go this week.