Eat Good

i did it!

i gathered up all the recipes i love and posted them on the blog. they are in the fantastic life section under the Eat Good part. as with most things i put into the world, these are not a sign of expertise, but of lived experience. there are likely better or more official ways to make all the foods i mention, but these are ways to just make some really yummy food.

enjoy 🙂

2010 predictions from the Purple House

every new year’s eve, my dear friend jenny lee organizes those around her to make predictions for the coming year. each year, we read the predictions from the year before for the first time and see what came to pass, and then write our new ones.

i wanted share some of the highlights from our collective 2010 predictions (they span from personal to communal, from Detroit-wide to an intergallactic scale). i added some updates in parentheses. enjoy:

my mother and father will live together in the same place.
i miss you mom.

i will make a remarkable break through in my writing. (the person who read this out loud [we don’t know who wrote it originally], emily lawsin, had three poems published this year)

allied media conference and us social forum will be exhausting successes for the city.

rap will get a little better.
30 new Detroit hip-hop albums.
a new classic album from Detroit will drop (we all started shouting – Black Milk! Korona! Danny Brown! Boog Brown! Apollo Brown!).
hip-hop will start to appear on oldies stations (sterling got us laughing on how the radio would go from anita baker to tupac now).

jenny lee will find the rest of her room (painted, with dance studio. gorgeous!)

obama pulls the troops (we all shrugged, “yeah, kind of -right…?”
weed gets legalized. (been done that)(right?)

more burning candles, sun gets brighter, pretty flowers.
free energy.
less syllables.
new nicknames acquired by all!

5 more people move detroit after the AMC and USSF. [yes! including my new friend Becca].
4 new community groups in Detroit (yes, started naming and couldn’t stop!)
Grace turns 95! This coming to pass was a highlight of my year 🙂
Bob-lo (an island with a special boat that goes there) back in use. (generally, sort of, yes)
detroit will win a championship! (we all looked at each other like – someone did right? red wings?)
at least 1 article that explains the awesomeness of detroit that 10,000 people read (more than 1).
more people will claim detroit who are from the suburbs.
economy will not noticeably shift on the ground here. (did and didn’t)

someone i love will get pregnant. (we all nodded vigorously, for different people)
two couples i love will get married (we all nodded, for many of the same people, some of them family)

a new social network will make Facebook as old as Myspace. {twitter. some folks said they didn’t have twitter and we just kind of side smiled at them in pity.}

bike more! (we nodded, remembering)

madly in love (we all smiled and several sweet glances occurred)
more love thoughts
i’m finally ok with just letting things be

back to the future (was re-released!)

mike medow will become a dj superstar extraordinaire. (we all laughed because the big plan for the night was going to see mikey dj!)

we’re prescient together.

2010…now 2011

first, a variety of random lessons from 2010:

– i can will myself into ecstatic joy
– it’s better to keep q-tips near the toilet
– i can bake bread
– i can make cheese
– i really do prefer facilitating to having a full-time job
– i have limits in terms of how much work i can do, and how of myself i can give to others…the limits expand when i give myself time to create.
– it’s also good to keep toilet paper right by the toilet – like within arm’s reach.
– i love swimming enough that i can do it every day and never grow tired of it
– meditation vastly improves my life. the more i do, the more i can be.
– i have to love myself first and foremost. not the idea of a self i could be, but my actual self.
– my instincts are almost always right. this doesn’t mean anyone is ready to hear what i feel – nor does it mean i can adequately articulate what i feel – but what i feel is almost always accurate in the long run.
– i still miss my dog, though she’d been dead 5 years now.
– i revel in being a physical introvert. it’s so much truer to who i am than anything else.
– butter makes everything taste better, and if you put the right amount of butter in a dish then people will say you can cook.
– technology’s benefits still outweigh the costs
– i know nothing.

potential mottos or principles for 2011:

– do or do not, there is no try…(yoda)
– we know nothing…how exciting 🙂
– we can experiment, endlessly
– when it gets hard, lean in
– this may be our last year. ever. what you gonna do?
– lose control 🙂
– don’t talk about it, be.
– be a dandelion, be a mushroom, be your best you

in other news…my love is wall, smash into me!