up late for reasons to silly to write about. here are some of the things i watch in the process of passing the time till sleep comes back:

animated video for kanye’s street lights. this last album of kanye’s sounds so much more thoughtful, self-aware/critical, and interesting than any of his previous work. unfortunately, most of his public persona is still ego centered, but the insecurity in the songs has made me want to listen more, and see the world of video/art that develops around the work, the interpretations.

gnarls barkley cover of reckoner, by radiohead. this song, in its original presentation by radiohead, was already full of longing. out of cee lo’s mouth in becomes this cry of borderline despair, teasing out one last gutteral sound at the edge of darkness. i think cee lo has the most transformative voice out there right now, he approaches notes with a flat wall of vibrating breath, hints of church and liquor-soul passing through. i can’t get enough of the cover (thanks sofia!)

sober, by pink, one of my pop indulgences.

and this odd one, by mgmt just because it always amuses me when folks try to capture extracurricular visuals on film

and this one my new friend damian diaz, who is djing at oasis this weekend, sent me.

now go to sleep.